The anger of December

j2khn0b43iDecember doesn’t start off well to me. Everything has gone bad and sour. Dealing with too many problems gets me out of mind, lost, angry, insecure, worried and else. The anger that comes within me, turns into the anger of December.

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Our paths


It is a great feeling, logging in my blog and truly writing something meaningful. The past few months did nothing but left me with a feeling of giving up on writing, which led to a temporary pause of updates. Even after publishing my personal blog on my page, I still do not want to write anything. But here I am now, typing down these words to recall all the flows of thought in my head from the beginning till the end.

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To the thief who stole my money

tumblr_ngvlskNgMY1thiwtjo1_1280This must be the most terrible thing that happened to me since I came to Canada. Right after the happy post on the 28th, on the next day, I lost all of the money I had earned for the past 2 months. It was painful, because my guard was taken down and I had the thought that it was safe in Canada. Until my money was stolen, I learned my very first “international” lesson in this country, “Trust is such an expensive thing I cannot afford.”Read More »


ibn2WJb7X4CkoeThis is just a spontaneous post, since I am so overwhelmed with all the school work as well as my inner swigging, mixed thoughts at the moment and I want to write something. The shadow, the shadow that is covering me, makes me mad. But at the same time, I could not do, or you can say, I do not dare, step out of it and shine myself.Read More »