Our paths


It is a great feeling, logging in my blog and truly writing something meaningful. The past few months did nothing but left me with a feeling of giving up on writing, which led to a temporary pause of updates. Even after publishing my personal blog on my page, I still do not want to write anything. But here I am now, typing down these words to recall all the flows of thought in my head from the beginning till the end.

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To the thief who stole my money

tumblr_ngvlskNgMY1thiwtjo1_1280This must be the most terrible thing that happened to me since I came to Canada. Right after the happy post on the 28th, on the next day, I lost all of the money I had earned for the past 2 months. It was painful, because my guard was taken down and I had the thought that it was safe in Canada. Until my money was stolen, I learned my very first “international” lesson in this country, “Trust is such an expensive thing I cannot afford.”Read More »


ibn2WJb7X4CkoeThis is just a spontaneous post, since I am so overwhelmed with all the school work as well as my inner swigging, mixed thoughts at the moment and I want to write something. The shadow, the shadow that is covering me, makes me mad. But at the same time, I could not do, or you can say, I do not dare, step out of it and shine myself.Read More »

Anh, your stories, and France

tumblr_ndau3ndk4Q1svrh8zo2_1280 copySuch a weird title, right? I intended to write a post about you a few days ago but was kind of busy to do so. Euro has come to an end with a win not for our favorite team and I should just forget it. But no, I just cannot. Since I’ve made friends with you, since we’ve talked a lot about many things for the past Euro days, I don’t think I’m able to kiss this year’s tournament goodbye without saying Thank You to you.

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